Mythological Creatures

Monkey King

Monkey King

The main character in the well-known Chinese classic, "Journey to the West". He is supernaturally-powered, born of a stone egg, and full of mischief and fun. King of monkeys!

He gets into a lot of trouble (including a lot of problems in Heaven), gets imprisoned for many years, but ultimately redeems himself by going on a great quest for holy texts.

Monkey King stole the magic staff you see (the Ruyi Jingu Bang) from the Dragon King of the East Sea. It can get immensely huge as needed, but Monkey King often keeps it needle-sized and tucks it behind his ear.

Pair of Kirins

Pair of Kirins

The magical flying Kirin from Asia is often compared to the unicorn of the West, but as you can see, he has TWO golden antlers. His head is dragon-like, his body is that of a horse, his hooves and tail are ox-like, yet he also has fish-like scales.

He has many of the sweet and fierce qualities of the Western unicorn: he loves what is just, harms no creature (even taking care not to tread on growing grass), and brings good luck to those who can see him. You would be more likely to see a qilin during the reign of a particularly kind and fair emperor. His voice is like the tinkling of bells or chimes -- but if angered by injustice, he can roar like a lion.

He can gallop through the air, and he is sometimes on fire with flames that do not hurt him. Sometimes he brings babies to happy and moral households, just as the stork does in European stories.

He is said to have taught the first Chinese writing to an emperor 5000 years ago.

Bigfoot or Sasquatch

Bigfoot or Sasquatch

This posable Sasquatch art doll (or Bigfoot, if you prefer that name) is gentle, friendly, and about 8" tall. Most of his body is made of wool, but his face and feet are painted polymer clay. His green glass eyes give him a lot of character. He has a pale cousin who lives in the Himalayas called the Yeti or the Abominable Snowman. 

(Never mind the "abominable" part; his cousin is really quite sweet.)

The whole family enjoys seeking solitude in nature, leaving big footprints in the mud or snow, and visiting with friendly people who don't happen to be carrying cameras.